Experimental Go gist

The purpose of this was to quickly try out some theory for a larger project and see how proficient I am on the command line.

See the repo by clicking here.


  1. Create a slice of options
  2. Shown the list of options, read user input
  3. Initialise a string with two %v placeholders
  4. Create a second list of options
  5. Shown the second list of options, read user input
  6. Take two user-chosen options and use them in a Printf() output that incorporates string with placeholders initialised before reading second input

The Printf() function should be able to act as normal


It did act as normal, so the value placeholders do not become invalid through parsing/storing in memory.

The problems came when trying to select options from the slices 😅

Try it for yourslef



go run main.go

Run that from within the directory and it will start the application and prompt you for an input.

Note This has absolutely no safeguarding so will panic if the input isn’t as expected i.e not a number from the lists of options

This was just for fun, and I wanted to see if I could throw this all together super quick from the terminal, which I have done. Check it:

screenshot of terminal commands