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Work history:


Having spent what I consider to be a great deal of time consuming content over the last few decades, I felt it was time to be more productive and start creating rather than just consuming. That combined with my recently learned skills of web development meant that I should just create a website like this one right here.

All I will do is show what I can do, link to examples of my work and write blog style articles on all things that I find interesting.

I plan to use this as a living example and continuously work on and improve all the behind-the-scenes stuff involved in web development. I will experiment with SEO, I will experiment with servers, I will experiment with harnessing social media and maybe even try out some artificail intelligence tools.

All this I’ll do here and in public, so if any of it peeks your interest, stick around or even hit the contact tab up in the top right corner and share your thoughts with me.

All things being equal, I’m grateful for your visit.